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Importance of Skin Care

Team Turtle

Importance of Skin Care

Summers are the best time to be outdoor and enjoy the warm and sunny days.  This does bring up the importance of paying a little attention to skin care.

Irrespective of age and gender the need to have a basic routine of

A:  Wearing sunscreen with the right SPF, preferably 30+

B:  Avoiding direct sunlight for extended periods

C:  Using moisturizers that nourish

D:  Use a skin rejuvenation system that works for you

Avoid potential skin issues:

Some of the issues caused by excessive UV and dryness are

A:  Dry & flaky skin

B:  Roughness and redness

C:  Skin cancer

D:  Excessive aging and wrinkle

Trial & Error:

Billions of dollars are invested by consumers every year trying out various solutions.  There are plenty to choose from, but not all solutions are made equal. 

The easiest influencer is a celebrity endorsement product, but before you blindly spend a sizeable amount do a little research, and check out brands, their formulations, the tests they perform before bringing the product to market. 

One of the most popular and a must try product is StriVectin Skin Reset Intensive Rejuvenation System. 

A tried and tested formula comes in 4 step, 4 bottles.  Reset your expectations of what topical treatments can do for your skin.  4-week treatment comprised of 4 unique, concentrated serums that work in sequential synergy to reset skin ravaged by everyday life - hormonal aging, stress, sun damage - to deliver total skin rejuvenation.

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