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Team Turtle

After the giant ecommerce surge brought on by the start of the pandemic, online sales growth slowed significantly for 2021 as many vaccinated and weary consumers returned to stores. Digital spending during the holiday centric Q4 increased 9.2% year over year, bringing the total jump in ecommerce for 2021 to 14.2%, according to U.S. Department of Commerce figures

The exponential growth of Ecommerce continues at an exciting pace.

Selling online has become a must irrespective of the size of your business and brand.

The US Ecommerce sales amounted to $431.6 Billion in 2020. The trend shows the growth of online shopping is never going to end and brands and small business owners need to reevaluate their strategy. 

While several online sellers have capitalized on this trend majority of the smaller businesses have only seen a marginal effects. 

Let’s take a closer look at how YOU can become successful in simple layman’s terms.

Company Owned Website:

A: Create an attractive website that promotes your brand, your message, your products, and your business identity.  Here are a few easy and cheaper options to doing it yourself.

Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Web.com

Customized options are pricier, we recommend you find an agency.

B: Create and implement a marketing strategy, just building a beautiful website does not bring traffic, so understand basics of how Google works, Google Analytics and what I call the three sisters SEO, SEM and SMM.   These acronyms may sound alien to many of you, but a must to learn how they affect and drive your businesses success.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization
SEM:  Search Engine Marketing
SMM:  Social Media Marketing

This is the most expensive and time-consuming process.  Be prepared to spend.  There are no shortcuts. 

As the financial world constantly reminds us that all investments come at a risk and with no guarantees of performance, the same is applicable for all the efforts and money you spend with online marketing. 

So, prepare your-self, devote more time, adjust your strategies as needed, find ways to reach customers and convey your message.

If doing all this is cumbersome, hire a marketing agency.  Remember there is no secret sauce.

If you are creating a brand and have visions of growing it in a big way or already a big brand wanting to reach your own customer base directly then investing heavily in your own website and marketing team is a good way to go.

Is there a better, cheaper, faster way to sell products online?  Absolutely yes…

Irrespective of whether you are a brand owner or simply interested in selling a lot of products fast we recommend you…

Sell on Multi-Vendor * Multi-Seller Marketplaces:

The best, quickest and least expensive way to start selling your products online is through marketplaces.   Why may you ask?  The reasons are simple…

A:  The sheer volume of potential customers.  Traffic, Eyeballs. call it what you may, getting many potential customers to glance at your product can only happen on marketplaces.  Customers today prefer to shop on marketplaces rather than visit numerous single brand websites.

B:  The cost of entry is very extremely low and there are marketplaces that even offer free selling plans.  So, the risk if absolutely minimized.

C:  The time to market is the fastest, you can sign up, set up and start selling within an hour on some marketplaces. 

D: Commissions and fees are the differentiator between marketplaces, they do vary so compare and know upfront before you sign up.  

E:  The more you cast when fishing the more you catch, this applies with selling as well.  Thus, its best to sell on as many marketplaces as you can. If every sale matters do not restrict to just the biggest or the cheapest.

F:  Here are a few marketplaces you should start selling on in the USA…


Newer marketplace like TurtlesEgg.Com go the length is providing great features for all levels of sellers that combine the benefits of your own company website and marketplace, some of the features are

Free Subscription
Low fees
Brand and Business Visibility
Non- Compete Promise                   
Quick and easy to sign up
Easy product listing process
Free social media promotions of your products and brand
Free Micro-site with URL
Sales Tax collection, compliance, and filings
SEO made easy

If helping charities in important, TurtlesEgg.com is a Socially Responsible Marketplace, check out their Giving Back program at

Important Must Do’s when selling online:

Irrespective of how many marketplaces you sell on or just on your own site, a few things to do are…

A:  Take customer service seriously.  Customers have a very short attention span and quick to return merchandise.  So, make sure you provide the best pictures and videos, maximum clarity about your products, the color, the size, the performance etc. as it applies to what you are selling.

B:  Ship on time with the fastest possible mode.

C:  Make sure inventory in constantly updated.

D:  Maintain a uniform price for your products across all outlets.

E:  Watch your return rate.  Returns and the two-way cost of shipping can damage your profitability. 

Selling online has made millions for many who have devoted their time and effort. 

If they can, so can YOU. 

Wishing you all happy selling.


Team Turtles


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