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Icecube Herbals Northern Minnesota Ground Wild Chaga - 16 Ounces

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Chaga is one of natures most profound medicinal mushrooms. It is a natural Immune System Stabilizer, An Anti - Inflammatory,

a Detoxifier and much more. Studies have shown that Chaga inhibits Cancer cell growth as it makes your body function better.

Why us

Natural Chaga from the Heart of Northern Minnesota

For centuries, natural remedies such as Chaga have provided good health and longevity to the people of Siberia, China, and many Northern European counties including Norway. Our 100% natural Chaga is harvested in the pristine forests of Northern Mn from live birch trees without power tools or artificial processing.

Here's to your health


Two things are required to produce chaga - cold temperatures and birch trees. We harvest our chaga up here in the pristine forests of Northern Minnesota, where both of those ingredients are bountiful. We also use the entire mushroom in our processing operation, consisting of the black crust, internal core flesh, and birch bark. There are many ways to take chaga, and this product is ground to a slightly larger consistency than coffee, perfect for brewing tea. Icecube's chaga is sold in 1 lb. bags and all processing of our chaga is in accordance to the Minnesota State Health Department regulations for proper food handling procedures. In fact, we are one of the few operations that is licensed, bonded, and insured. We take chaga seriously. Cheers! Our Chaga is of premium quality. Harvested from living Minnesotan Birch trees We do not use power tools Hand picked and naturally air dried Sustainably harvested Tested for contaminants Processed in a food-safe environment Kept in a climate-controlled storage room Nothing Artificial, 100% Natural & Gluten Free -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brewing Instructions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By The Gallon On The Stove Add ¼ cup of Icecube’s Chaga mushroom tea per gallon of water. tea can be kept inside a mesh or muslin bag for convenience. For flavoring, we recommend cinnamon, cloves and honey. Other additives such as Birch Sap, Ginger, and Syrup are also common natural favorers. Maximize your extraction by simmering the tea in cold water for 3-4 hours to make an invigorating tonic. Do Not Boil. When simmered the temperature should range between 140° - 160° F, you should see bubbles forming and gently rising to the surface of the water.


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